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The Next Wave of Ad Technology is Here

With Triver, 3D ads are dynamically embedded in Extended Reality environments in a natural, non-disruptive format.

Introducing Trivver

With numerous domestic and international patents in place, Trivver makes advertising within XR environments extremely simple, effective, personal and quantifiable.

Simply upload a single 3D branded object and let Trivver do the rest.

With Trivver in place, there’s no need for additional, costly & time consuming programming: 3D objects are dynamically rendered to fit naturally within unlimited immersive environments that best match an advertiser’s target audience.

The Trivver Ad Exchange

Trivver's revolutionary technology allows ad agencies, networks and advertisers to create and run ad campaigns in extended reality environments. Trivver's ad exchange serves branded content to targeted audiences in extended reality environments, by seamlessly integrating 3D models of the brands, Branded Smart Objects

Forget Ineffective Ads

With Trivver, advertisers and marketers now have the power to differentiate themselves, cut through massive ad clutter and realize unprecedented advertising success. In fact, companies advertising within XR environments such as Augmented and Virtual Reality are reporting


Higher click through rates


Increased sales concersions


Increased social media

XR Viewability Metrics

Efficiency: it’s all about the data

Never before has advertising been so effective and efficient: with Trivver’s ability to collect highly valuable data across multiple viewing devices, Trivver’s patented ability to eliminate wasteful ad placements, measure viewability at the most granular levels combined with our anti-fraud technology and algorithms equates to unprecedented returns on investment.

XR Ad Standards

Trivver is taking lead on setting the ad standards for XR viewability metrics which consist of three main metrics:

  • 1Object Viewability
  • 2Screen Coverage
  • 3Time on screen

Trivver's Product Portal

The Product Portal is an extension of Trivver’s core ad exchange that on consumer action, appears over current media, providing access to fully immersive interactive 3D products, detailed product information, eCommerce features, engagements in 3D/Augmented Reality (“AR”), sharing across social media and much more.

The Product Portal is very easily customized with company branding, takes minutes to install and can appear over traditional digital ads (display and/or video), social media platforms, websites, apps, email, steaming content and much more.

How It Works


Trivver does away with annoying and intrusive pop-up and pre-roll video ads that are often ignored. Trivver's gives users the power to engage with brands when they want, on their terms.


Extended reality content publishers -- developers of VR/AR/MR/3D games, home tours, and more -- can benefit from additional, exponential ad revenue using Trivver’s patent pending XR ad network. We make it easy for publishers to monetize their games and apps even if they have only a limited number of users

For Advertisers
and Brands

Trivver's extended reality ad exchange allows advertisers to reach audiences that are not found in traditional advertising environments - extended reality (3D/AR/MR/VR) with interactive branded content. Trivver's cookie-less patent-pending technology gives advertisers the power to measure real users across all screens regardless of platform.

The Trivver Ad Exchange


To learn more about how Trivver can help your business understand how XR can transform your company’s needs, please contact us today.

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