Easily monetize XR environments via paid advertising

Use the links above to learn how Trivver can help you use XR to elevate brand awareness, create your own extended reality experience, and see how our patented data capture technology has solved XR’s trackability issues – making it an unprecedented opportunity to maximize the return on your investment.

XR makes your brand come to life

Clients using our extended reality technology are experiencing 65% greater conversion rates.

AR advertising campaigns share a common goal: offer a transformative experience between the physical and virtual world without losing human connection. By actively engaging the consumer we are building a foundation for greater brand loyalty and ultimately a stronger revenue stream.

Our proprietary Product Portal can create and track your AR ad

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Turn your existing ad into a Trivver Smart Ad to capture data

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With Trivver's Ad Exchange, you can easily place branded 3D objects into XR environments.

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NFTs: Trivver makes it easy to create, distribute, analyze and quantify all the data necessary to validate true value.

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XR Production: The Possibilities are limitless.

Trivver’s production team will help you create and implement an XR experience customized for your specific needs. XR capabilities are virtually limitless. Need an easy to use XR product placement campaign? A cutting-edge virtual training program? An AR generated spokesperson to lead this year’s virtual convention? How about a fully immersive tour of your soon to be built resort in Bali?

With Trivver all these things are not only possible and trackable, but most importantly, they maximize engagement.


From overlaying manuals onto real world equipment to creating entire virtual training environments, we can level up your training capabilities - and provide data to maximize their effectiveness.

AR Interaction

Let your customers use their phones to bring your products to life in ways limited only by your imagination. Create a virtual spokesperson to a live event, bring products to life and much more.

Virtual Visits

Our technology brings the virtual world into the real world creating exciting and compelling interactive experiences.

Augmented Entertainment

Take real-life performances and turn them into stunning virtual events with extended reality overlays.

The Data Difference

With over 50+ patents, Trivver is the only XR company with the unique ability to capture and analyze 3D data from unlimited XR environments. This technology allows companies to collect data at the most granular level resulting in the truly unprecedented ability to personalize engagements and maximize return on investment.

Never before has advertising been so effective and efficient. Trivver makes it possible to collect highly valuable data across multiple viewing devices, eliminate wasteful ad placements, measure viewability with the added protection of our specialized anti-fraud technology and algorithms.


XR Ad Standards

Trivver is taking the lead on setting XR ad standards, which consist of three main criteria that collectively determine whether or not an XR ad should be considered valid:

Object Viewability: how much of the product is actually in view?

Screen Coverage: how large is the product on screen?

Time: for how long is the product in view?

What is XR?

XR or “extended reality” is an all-inclusive term for technologies that can take you beyond the limitations of your everyday environment.  It’s where the real world meets virtual…and it’s pretty amazing.


XR includes immersive technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and MR (Mixed or Hybrid Reality).  At its core, XR technology allows users to interact with extended reality environments, objects or even people as if they were in the real world.  These virtual experiences create powerful emotional connections between businesses and their consumers.

  • Take a tour of a building that hasn’t been built yet.
  • See how a product looks in your home before you buy it.
  • Have a front row seat at a live sports event or concert without leaving your couch.

XR offers countless ways to extend, explore, and even redesign reality through interactive experiences that bridge the gap between the virtual and the real.  

What does XR mean for my business?

With nearly limitless possibilities to focus, connect, and engage, XR continues to emerge as a leading influencer of brand awareness and engagement.  Companies advertising within XR environments are seeing up to 25% higher click through rates, 65% conversion rates, and 60% increased social media engagement.

Let buyers virtually place your product right on their own kitchen counter.  Train your team in a virtual environment.  Augment a live performance with stunning virtual graphics.  Take digital storytelling and immersion to the next level using life-like holograms.

XR lets you differentiate yourself, cut through massive ad clutter and realize unprecedented success by bringing your product and brand stories to life for your customers.   Trivver can show you how to apply XR to your business, create your go-to-market strategy, and reap the benefits that no other technology platform can provide.


Can I measure it?

Yes.  Trackability has traditionally been a challenge for XR, but Trivver’s patented ability to capture and analyze data from unlimited XR environments solves this by letting you effectively measure engagement and ROI. Trivver is the industry leader on setting the ad standards for XR viewability metrics such as object viewability, screen coverage, and time on screen.   We give you the ability to collect highly valuable data across multiple viewing devices and measure viewability at the most granular levels.