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Extended Reality,
Extended Possibilities

  • Extended Reality (XR) is a term that generally refers to the migration of the real world around us with computer generated imagery.
  • Although XR encompasses several technologies, the term often refers to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.
  • Interested in how XR can transform your business in ways that up until now has not been possible? You’ve come to the right place.

Trivver: for all your XR production and data needs.

About Trivver

Trivver is based in Newport Beach, California with satellite locations in New York City, Singapore, Sydney, Amsterdam and Hong Kong.

When it comes to choosing a partner, it helps to have people that speak the same language. Thankfully, we speak many. Our diverse, multi-national team has extensive management experience in technology, entertainment, advertising, retail, financial, aviation and more.

With this experience, we not only have the means to deliver the most cutting edge technology to help transform a business but as importantly, a deep understand of these and other industries that serves to minimize costs by streamlining the process of design, production and distribution.

Our Services

Some of the many ways Trivver can help companies leverage XR for increased profits and efficiency:

Augmented Marketing

Forget low views and conversions, AR Marketing is currently generating fantastic results.

Augmented Manuals

Paper manuals are a thing of the past and can now be entertaining and profitable.

Augmented Spokespersons

No need to travel; deliver your spokesperson to your desired audience here.

Augmented Entertainment

With AR, the opportunities to entertain audiences have never been more creative.

Virtual Training

With VR in place, training can now be entertaining, scalable and low cost.

Virtual Real Estate

The future of touring real estate properties has finally arrived.

Virtual Entertainment

Whether it’s front row at Springsteen or a great game, VR entertainment is here to stay.


The possibilities with AR and VR are limited to the imagination itself.

Why Us?

XR Production

For companies such as JP Morgan Chase and others, from concept to implementation, we collaborate closely with our clients to ensure top quality results.

It’s About The Data

With over 50 patents, Trivver is also the only XR company with the unique ability to capture and analyze 3D data from limitless XR environments.

With Trivver in place, companies can efficiently collect data at the most granular level from multiple devices and experiences, all of which results in the truly unprecedented ability to personalize engagements and maximize return on investment

The Trivver Ad Exchange

With Trivver, publishers can easily monetize XR environments viapaid advertising that is natural and non-disruptive to the experience. To do so, all a publisher needs to do is merely open their environments for advertising and let Trivver do the rest.


To learn more about how Trivver can help your business understand how XR can transform your company’s needs, please contact us today.

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